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Ch.36 拆招CMF設計談材料研發非一日千里 —— 保特紗®

CMF is a specific discipline within industrial design that focuses on the development of a product’s color, material, and finish. Unwrap CMF writes about little stories of CMF Design for those who are interested in learning more about this niche field. Comments and inspirations are welcome!

As a CMF Designer, on an average day, we usually come across various responsibilities such as trend forecasting, design proposals, and trouble-shooting mass-production issues. However, there is another challenging yet fun task, and that is, material development!

In the summer of 2021, I had the honor to visit ECOMAX in Changhua, Taiwan. Their chairman Mark Ko has been committed to the production of PETSPUN® since 1993, marking Ecomax the first company in Taiwan to develop eco-friendly fabrics using recycled PET bottles.

Material development was never a rapid progress. It is a long journey that takes on small but significant steps. Take PETSPUN® as an example. This textile material is made with recycled PET bottles: cleaned, shredded, formed into grains, and then melted and spun into yarns. In the beginning, Ecomax came across limitation of yarn weight – thick yarns and flat gloss. And finally, fine yarns and glimmery finishing could be achieved after years of devoted efforts. Today, after decades of development, PETSPUN® is now capable of a wide variety of yarn weights, gloss level, weaving patterns, and tactility. It has also been applied on products across various industries such as home furnishing, consumer electronics, automobile seating, suitcases and luggages, medical supplies and more.

Material limitation is just one small piece of the puzzle in material development. The most challenging piece in material development lies on the effort in building supply chains and raising consumer awareness. For PETSPUN®, the recycling of PET bottle is just the first step and it wasn’t easy at all. It represents the years of hard work behind the recycling industry and the popularization of consumer awareness. A working supply chain requires top to bottom collaborations. If any piece is missing from the chain, there wouldn’t be a steady supply of used PET bottles, manufacturers who reuse and recycle the bottles, or brands who are willing to pay a higher cost for eco-friendly materials. Only when a supply chain ecosystem is completed, we can slowly mature the manufacturing process to improve production efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and optimize cost.

Material development is like a journey that travels thousands of miles – for anyone wishing to move forward, it requires patience and foresight. Today, after three decades of overcoming difficulties, PETSPUN®, this material originated from a city in southern Taiwan, is now brought to racks and display windows and leaving global footprints all over the world.

CMF為Color Material and Finishing,譯為色彩、材質、及表面處理工藝,屬於 工業設計 旗下重要的一環。Unwrap CMF( 彩材拆拆 )將圍繞著這個主題,以淺而易懂的小故事拆解 CMF設計師 的日常。

CMF設計師日常面對的除了趨勢預測、設計提案、以及解決量產疑難雜症,還有一項相當有趣又具挑戰的課題,那就是 材料研發

在2021年的夏天,有幸參訪位於彰化的 富勝紡織 ,其董事長柯漢哲從1993年開始致力於 保特紗® 的製造生產,是台灣第一家研發環保再生布料的公司。




PET bottle recycling is just the first step, and is already decades of effort in building supply chains and raising consumer awareness.
Polyester pellets and yarns produced by recycled PET bottles.
Started rough in basic colors (left), fine yarns and glimmery finishing were finally achieved after years of devoted efforts.
After decades of development, PETSPUN® is now capable of a wide variety of yarn weights, gloss level, weaving patterns, and tactility.

Comments and inspirations are welcome!
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Working in the tech field while side-tracking as a content creator for CMF Design. Have been practicing in the field of CMF Design since 2011 and an active learner. Aspired to share the know-how about CMF Design while picking up new knowledge along the journey. 於科技業任職並兼任CMF設計的自由撰稿人。自2011年起投入於CMF設計領域並持續成長。善於分享關於CMF設計的小知識,也樂於在這個旅程中學習新知。

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