CMF為Color Material and Finishing,譯為色彩、材質、及表面處理工藝,屬於 工業設計 中重要的一環,在3C消費電子、交通工具、家居、服裝等行業,皆可以找到CMF設計的身影。CMF最有趣的地方在於它的多元性,趨勢分析、色彩搭配、工藝創新、到量產的跟進…等,還不足以含括CMF的所有職責。

Rina過去10年曾於美國、中國任職於T-Mobile、微軟、聯想等數個五百強國際品牌。過去四年於摩托羅拉手機帶領全中國的CMF設計團隊。近期剛回歸學校,現正於哥倫比亞大學攻讀Quantitative Methods碩士學位。


Unwrap CMF 彩材拆拆 將圍繞著CMF設計的主題,以淺而易懂的小故事拆解CMF設計師的日常。歡迎大家一起來認識CMF設計!

CMF is short for Color Material and Finishing. It is a specific field within industrial design. CMF Design (and related) can be found in various industries such as consumer electronic, transportation, home space, fashion, and more.

The most interesting part of CMF Design lies in its diversification. Trend forecast, color ideation, manufacturing process, material innovation, and execution for mass-production are not enough to cover all the responsibilities of a CMF Designer.

My name is Rina Shin. Over the past decade, I have worked at a several Fortune 500 companies across the globe. My latest journey was with Motorola leading its CMF Design team in China. In early 2021, I decided to return to school for the Quantitative Methods in Social Science master degree at Columbia University in the City of New York.

I want to use this chance to thank all of you who have encouraged and inspired me to content creating Unwrap CMF, which is now a blog of little stories of knowledge sharing, as well as a podcast where I enjoy a little chat with experts all around the world about our passion in CMF! As I am definitely not a know-it-all, I try my best to share what I have already knew – and I also enjoy the fact that I am learn new things each time I speak with everyone of you. So here, I welcome you to Unwrap CMF, and I hope you enjoy it here as much as I do.

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Color and Material Design Manager previously at Motorola (a Lenovo company). Currently a full-time student at Columbia University and aspired to share her knowledges about CMF Design. 前聯想旗下摩托羅拉CMF設計經理,現全職攻讀哥倫比亞大學碩士學位,並用時間一字一字的紀錄CMF點滴。

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