Yesterday marked my official last day at #Motorola, a proud #Lenovo company. This photo was taken during my last business trip to Lenovo’s headquarter in Beijing.

Along this 4-year journey, I’ve grown deep respect for the company: Lenovo is a workplace where each person’s expertise is trusted and appreciated. Every Motorola product in the market is the result of integrity and ethical values.

I spent days drafting this message but I realized I would never be able to make it perfect. There is a lot about Lenovo and Motorola that I wanted to praise from the bottom of my heart. Too many things to be thankful about. At the last minute, I decided to remove them before it became too cheesy for the Internet 😉

Let’s just say that I have become so attached to the team, and every moment at Lenovo/Motorola/CXD, I feel blessed for being part of the legacy.

Thank you to my super bosses, lovely colleagues, and everyone who we have encountered in the past years. It is farewell for now, and I look forward to crossing our paths again when I return.

All of the bests 💗


Working in the tech field while side-tracking as a content creator for CMF Design. Have been practicing in the field of CMF Design since 2011 and an active learner. Aspired to share the know-how about CMF Design while picking up new knowledge along the journey. 於科技業任職並兼任CMF設計的自由撰稿人。自2011年起投入於CMF設計領域並持續成長。善於分享關於CMF設計的小知識,也樂於在這個旅程中學習新知。
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