If your company products comes in nonstop color refreshes, repeating the steps of naming the colors can be a burnout 🤯 But not to worry, here are some fuels to sparkle more ideas! Each list contains at least hundreds of color hues and their names. And don’t forget to check out these tips for creating a good color name!

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🔍 Stay Basic
These lists will have what you need if you are just looking for something simple and nothing too crazy. Most of these names have been commonly used across different industries like Dark Turquoise and Indigo Blue. For children-friendly color names, also check out brands like Crayola for inspirations.
Arty Click
Werner’s Nomenclature of Colours

💡 Be Creative
If common color names do not satisfy your need, a place that I like to visit is websites of paint companies. These commercial paint brands usually have the broadest collection of color names so inspirations will never run dry. Because their products are used in home interior space, their choice of wording usually provokes a sense of mood, and is also appropriate for most occasions. Definitely worth browsing through!
Benjamin Moore
Ecos Paint
Glidden (also known as PPG)

🤡 Be Different
If you are looking for names with more “personality”, check out cosmetic brands! This industry is filled with all sorts of unconventional color names. Their naming usually comes with a strong emotional expression – may be too overwhelming sometimes, but definitely a good place to visit for some out-of-the-box inspirations.
Essie Nail polish
M.A.C. Eye shadow
O.P.I. Nail polish

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Color swatch by Dunn Edwards. Dunn Edwards also has a good collection of color names. It wasn’t included in the above list because the difficulty of navigating through (having to click into the color to see the name on the next page).
The user-friendly web page of Arty Click. Simply hover on top of a color to see its color name and other information such as HEX color codes and if there is any similar color names.
It seems like Glidden is a sub-brand of PPG. Glidden’s website is listed because it is more user-friendly in terms of browsing color names.
Another example of paint company’s color name collection, this one by Sherwin-Williams.
Cosmetic brands like O.P.I. often have names that are more expressive and unconventional. Not necessarily fitting for your needs but can act as a great source of inspirations. Would be interesting to look at how names can be so creative!
Urban Decay also has some interesting colors names for their eye shadows. Unfortunately, it wasn’t included in the list because there is not a consolidated page where all colors are presented in a single page.

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